Where to Find Maternity Acupressure Spots

Published: 12th May 2010
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For people that have used the maternity acupressure spots, finding them again can be easy. But for women that have never used the maternity acupressure method, it can be an intimidating thought that leads them to choose other options. However, there is no need to be intimidated. For women that want to use this method, there are experienced midwives and other professionals that can help assist the mother during labor.

For the women that feel confident in their skills, these women can choose to get a birthing partner that can assist them. This birthing partner can be the father, a close personal friend, or another mother that has used the technique successfully in the past.

There are three main maternity acupressure spots that are used to induce labor and manage pain:

 The right hand. The acupressure point is in the skin between the thumb and the pointer finger

 The inside of the leg above the ankle bone. It is approximately two inches above the ankle bone.

 The small of the back. There is point about ½ of an inch above the dimple over the buttocks.

An expectant mother and her birthing partner can practice finding these spots on the mother's body, but they should never be massaged or rubbed before it is time to induce labor. If the birthing partner wants to practice with the amount of pressure used, he or she should practice on his or her own person.

To make sure the mother is at her optimum comfort level for delivery, a location should be decided on. Does the mother want to give birth in a hospital, a clinic, her own home, or a friend or relatives home? These decisions should be made and the proper arrangements can be made. For some expectant mothers, it might even help to have the birthing partner spend time in this location to help get familiar with the surroundings if it is not a place the mother spends a lot of time in.

For years, women in all types of maternity situations have successfully used maternity acupressure spots. Maternity acupressure can be used:

 To strengthen uterine contractions

 Move a child into the birthing position to avoid breech births

 For pain management

 The inducing of labor when the mother is past her due date

 To have vaginal birth after a Caesarean

 Help in aiding a mother with multiple births

In finding these maternity acupressure spots, the key is practice. The birthing partner can find these spots on the mother's body, with applying firm pressure. These spots will feel tender before labor, but the sensation will change in labor. These spots can also be found on the birthing partner's body. It is recommended the birthing partner use lotion in practice and during the real labor, since these spots will get raw from rubbing them.

With practice and the necessary research, maternity acupressure spots can be used to induce labor, manage pain and save women unnecessary recovery time due to Caesareans. Maternity acupressure spots have been used for centuries, resulting in healthy happy mothers and babies around the world. With the right partner and time to prepare, it is not necessary for an expectant mother to be intimidated or scared. Maternity acupressure has been proven as a safe alternative to invasive surgery or drug-induced labor.

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